National & Grand RT Champion Beereegan One Tree CM & National & Grand  RT Champion Beereegan Last Boy Scout CM


Mark & Wendy Davis

Breeding Labradors is a hobby for us, but we are passionate about looking after the breed.

 We have been breeding Labs for thirty years, consistently producing dogs with  Type, Temperament  and  Working ability.

Producing multi purpose Labradors with natural hunting ability and retrieving drive is what we strive for but just as importantly possessing that wonderful Labrador nature.

Mark has worked gundogs in the Field since 1973 and along with Labradors has trained Cocker Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers & Hungarian Viszlas 

We bred our first litter of Labradors in 1987 and from this litter our first Retrieving Trial Champion

We compete in Retrieving Trials around Australia where our dogs have acquitted themselves very well over  many years 

Winning 12 State Championships!

And 3 National Retrieving Trial Championships !!

And been fortunate to finish and place in a number of National Championships with five different Dogs

RT.CH Beereegan Wonderson, RT.CH Beereegan Dr Jones , Rt.Ch Beereegan Magic Lass CM 

NTL & GR  RT CH Beereegan One Tree CM 2005 and NTL & GR RT CH  Beereegan Last Boy Scout  CM in 2012

We are the only Kennel in Australia to have bred & trained two National & Grand Retrieving Trial Champions!

We have also bred and trained Retrieving Trial Champions from each of the three Labrador colours

 proving a good dog is never a bad colour


                            Swampy & Scout with the National trophy          1991 Vic State Championship                              

                                                                                                                   -  Lass 4th - Moz 1st -                                        

                                                                                      Judge - Mr Mick Strawbridge SA     

We use positive reinforcement in our training methods. We do not use electric collars on our dogs. Our goal is to produce biddable dogs with inherited retrieving drive, that perform out of a desire to please.

Check out our Training Philosophy page to find out more 

Mark was granted his  Retrieving Trial  judges license in 1995 and has Judged trials in every Australian State. We are both Committee & Founding members of the Central Highlands Working Gundog Club,  members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria , the Gundog Club of Victoria
and Field & Game Australia.

Mark  is currently a member of the Retrieving and Field Trial Committee of Dogs Victoria

Acknowledgment  - some off these fabulous  photos were taken by fellow triallers Chris Van Eekleen & Lara Sedgmen 


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