Upcoming Litter:
We have a Beautiful Yellow Male from Trapper and Georgie's Litter born on the 5th of October & a Beautiful Black Male from Lottie and Jack's litter born on the 4th of October Available !!
Give me a call if your interested

If your interested give me a call on 0408364172

Our pups are $2000.00 and are registered on the * Limited Register with  Dogs Victoria

Our adult dogs have had a full breed DNA profile  and  are screened for Hip Displasia & OCD

Our puppies are raised in a safe and loving country environment 

Puppies are Microchiped, vaccinated and Vet checked.
and come with a puppy pack with all the information you will need.
 We occasionally have trained dogs available 

We also place Bitches out on breeders terms from time to time .
If you are interested, give us a call and we will be happy to discus this arrangement with you.

Dogs Victoria registration number 3008668720

all enquirers to beregan@bigpond.com or wandmdavis.wd@gmail.com
Mobile 0408364172(Wendy)
 please leave a message and I will get back to you
Mobile 0418501171(Mark)

* What does ‘Limited Registration’ mean? 
The puppy is registered with the Victorian Canine Council. Inc., on the ‘Limited Register’ Your puppy has been breed from registered parents, grand and great grandparents. You can have your puppy transferred into your name with the V.C.A.Inc, a transfer fee only needs to be paid and you do not need to join as a V.C.A. Inc. member. But, if you decide to enter Obedience/Endurance/Fly ball/Agility/Tracking, etc., trials/competitions, you need to become a V.C.A. member as well as have the dog transferred into your name. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ONLY WISH TO JOIN A LOCAL TRAINING CLUB AND TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR PET DOG TRAINING NO MEMBERSHIP OF THE CONTROLLING BODY IS REQUIRED – ONLY MEMBERSHIP TO THE CLUB. Only the Breeder (at their discretion) can transfer your puppy from Limited Register to the Main Register. The puppy cannot be shown at ‘Dog Shows’ (Conformation classes) & if you bred this animal, the offspring will not be entitled to V.C.A. registration papers (which are subject to ANKC rules). The puppy is ineligible for export. 
Why do breeders put  puppies on the Limited Register? 
In many cases, most of the puppies out of a litter are sold as ‘pets’ with the expectation that they will be de-sexed. This is encouraged under ‘Responsible Dog Ownership Schemes’. By placing the puppy on Limited Register, the Breeder is providing the benefits of registration with the clear expectation that the puppy will be a pet. It is also a way to restrict the new puppy owner from ‘backyard breeding’, that is, to discourage irresponsible breeding


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