"BUZ" (Owned by Diane )

Scout 8 weeks old (that's Ntl & GR RT Champion Last boy Scout)

    Beereegan Murray River 12 weeks

" BETTY " ( Owned by Peter )   &  " OZZY " ( Owned by Mark ) Scout & Mack Son & Daughter

Male puppy from Kody's first litter  " BEEREEGAN  McDOUGAL" at 5 months old


                                 Kody & Milly                                                   6 week old Lass puppies                    

Reed at 16 mths Owned by Tony


                    Meg with  9, 2 day old puppies                                        Male pup from this litter at 7 weeks

  Tully 5mths                                                  Tully 13 weeks                                  Tully 8 weeks

                                     Trapper 5mths                                                                                    Trapper 8weeks

Trapper 11mths

                                      Mack & Scout puppies 5 weeks                           Layla Kody & Kupa puppy 9 weeks                                                    

"Deke" Kody &  Kupa son 3mths

Marley &  Zack puppies 5 days old





"FEN" Beereegan a Little Chaos trained by Sandy
Scout and Mack daughter 5 months old

Tully with her red friends Remy the WH Viszla and Missy the Golden Retriever taken at a retrieving trial in SA 




"Rip" Beereegan Last Man Standing  6 months Scout & Mack son

Beereegan Yellow River pointing a pet rabbit in the back yard, 11 weeks owned by Anthony 

8 week old Scout & Mack puppies


"CHASE" Kody Kupa son 6mths owned by Lawrence

"Rip" at  7 mths

Lawrence & Chase   Andrew & Ace       Sandy & Fen
Chase Kody & Kupa dog  Ace Scout & Mack dog   Fen Scout & Mack Bitch         
All 3 pups are 7 months old


Georgie & Zack's  pups 3 weeks old

Rip 17 months

3 week old Tully & Trapper puppy

Tully and Harley (Riverlands Harley Davidson)


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