"DUKE" Owned by Bart Tully & Trapper son 12 months old


                 "CHARLIE" Owned by Mark & Nathalie ( Trapper & Tully son)        "  PUFF" owned by Winnie

                                                        MARK& OZZ                                              SMOKY( owned by Melanie)

                           MONTY (owned by Pip & Ben )                                                                 0ZZ (owned by Mark)
PEGGY (owned by Heather Peggy grew up to become a Show CH)      

                        BENSON                                                                          SMOKY

                                   BETTY(owned by Peter)                                                GUS (owned by John)
                                      GUS (owned by John)                                                   Gus now 4 years old                                   


  Jet owned by Steven( Scout son 11mths)                                   Zac owned by Leigh- Scout son



                                      Betty's first duck season   Scout and Mack daughter 15mths


                                                            CoCo owned by Daniel


                                                                              Drift owned by Carl


                              Scout and Marley son "Scout" 11 mths owned by Anne " first Duck season in Tasmania 


"Asha's"first duck Scout & Mack daughter                                    " Luna" Asha's sister owned by Lisa & David

 3mths owned by Tyson      


" CHASE" Owned by Lawrence Kody,Kupa son            "SARBIE" Owned by Richard  Zack & Marley Daughter


             Stalla and Clive                          Anabelle and Raf                        Emma and Buzz

                                                                                                                                                 Shila and Mack                                                                       Riley & Sticks                                                                                        


    Layla" 9 weeks owned by Luisa Kody, Kupa daughter            Layla now 12 months old 


                          "River"  Beereegan River Runs Deep owned by Shae, 10 months old Zack & Marley Daughter


"Zeus" Beereegan Red River Rock owned by Jae, 10 months old  Zack & Marley Son 


                                               Diesel (owned by Debbie)                                                     Angus owned by Hans  


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